Have you always wanted to be in a Martial Arts Action Movie? Now you can actually be in a real Hollywood Motion Picture. This Summer Warrior Island the Movie has been greenlighted and if you support our Kickstarter you could have a walk on extra roll and be seen on camera with amazing Martial Artist like Rommel Gargoles, Jose Tores, The Black Dragon Ron Van Clief, UFC Legend Dan the Beast Severn, Oso Teyari Casel, Silvio Simac, Bones Shaddock, Phil Ross, David Nemeroff Neil Goliath Grove and many more. Your chance to get discovered or to just be part of the Filming of the Movie. What an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. click here for more info


The Warrior Island Feature Motion Picture has been Green Lighted and Filming Starts Summer of 2023. The Show will combine the rich Martial Arts history of movies like Enter the Dragon, with Block-Buster hits like Mortal Combat to deliver and action packed Movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat! New Technology and Techniques will bring a the fans to the edge of their seat.

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