About Us


Warrior Island is an entertainment franchise that has strong roots in the history of Martial Arts. Our Grandmasters have a combined 500 years of Martial Arts Training. With over 100 movies and thousands of martial arts schools and students around the world in almost every county we bring you the true Martial Arts Experience in our TV shows, Comic Books, Movies, Tournaments and Obstacle Courses.

Warrior Island

We are excited to share with you our Comic Book Series! For the past 10 years, our team has been working on producing action packed comics with our positive social message through our tiki code. In addition, our company has also expanded the series by launching a coloring and activity adventure book for all ages. With our Tiki code Patches and Stickers Martial Arts Teachers and Schools around the world can help guide bullies and victims to a better way of living. We will teach bullies to become protectors instead of perpetrators!

CREATING COMIC BOOKS to Change the World

Our programs and products are designed to make a huge difference in martial arts dojo’s, school systems and youth sports. As a part of our long-time plan, these comic books will soon be turned into graphic novels and full-feature Hollywood movies.

Warrior Island

Testimonials About Our Project

“The Warrior Island series is an exceptional tool to draw in youth to the values we need to instill in today’s generation and the ones to follow. The code and tikis are a road map to learning how to be a confident and kind person. This series uses the power of good storytelling and beautiful graphic art to reach today’s youth and truly teach them the steps to becoming stronger, mentally and physically says “

- Crystal A. Harms M.Ed., BCaBA

Warrior Island TV Series

Our Proven Formula of elimination Style TV show with our Docu-Series Style is a win - win in the digital streaming world.

-James B. Jefferson Creator Warrior Island

Full Feature Motion Picture

In full development the Warrior Island Feature Motion Picture will combine the rich Martial Arts history of movies like Enter the Dragon, with Block-Buster hits like Mortal Combat to deliver and action packed Movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Join the Cause

Share the great news with your friends and family! Unlock our Warrior Island Tiki with a key today! For more information, please feel free to connect with us.