Tiki Code

The Tiki Code system is designed by the Greatest Martial Arts Grand Masters from around the world to make society a better place. The Tiki Code teaches Warriors and everyday people what it really means to be a true Warrior. It’s more powerful to pick someone off the Ground and lift them up rather than knock them down and be a bully. If everyone would follow the code bullying would never happen. Teachers can use the Tiki Code Patch system to reward their students when showing the character required.

Warrior Island Code

New Tiki Code Tikis

Tiki Code Patches:

Tiki Code patches are utilized by Masters, Teachers and Coaches to Reward a student when the
code is learned and applied. Example, one student always bows to the coach and also to all
parents and or anyone in Authority. They would earn the Respect TIKI.

Dojo Owners and Teachers to get more info or to purchase your Gi Patches click here


The Tiki Code for Martial Arts School, Youth Program and Public and Private Schools.

Developed by some of the greatest Martial Arts Masters like Ron Van Clief, Oso Tayari Casel Jose Torres & Steven Hayes and more. The Warrior Island Tiki code uses a series of comic books stickers and patches to keep all students engaged and attending classes and utilize the teachers lessons daily. Developing the character traits of a warrior increases courage and confindense in students.

By giving students examples of how to live as a Warrior using the character traits the teacher instills the class culture expands beyond the Dojo or the classroom.

*The Problem: * Bullying is misunderstood and addresses incorrectly. Bully's never know they are the bully, in many cases they are a victim that does not know how to act or funnel the emotions.

*The Solution: * The Tiki Code is a system that supports and teaches the students how to be real Warriors of the mind and character. Giving them tools to live as a better human being. In most cases if you show a bully compassion, humor or even compliment them in a non aggressive way we can diffuse most situations. Of course this does not always work so developing other skills is a great back up plan.

Coming Soon will be our Data Base of Accredited Warrior Island Martial Arts School and Programs all over the world that you will be able to search for a program near. you.