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SAGA 1 is 45 - 4K EPISODES. Each saga is made up of three 15 episode seasons.

  • Season 1 - 15 Episodes of Warrior Island Fight Night complete "click here"
  • Season 2 - 15 Episodes following the fighters training and invite to come to Warrior Island in production click here
  • Season 3 - 15 Episodes of the Fighters Training and Competing on Warrior Island with the Grand Masters to find the Ultimate Island Warrior click here
  • Warrior Island Saga 1 season 1 the Fighters Compete in the Cage for the Fans Votes.
  • Warrior Island Saga 1 season 2 the Fighters Train and Prepare to go the island and await the visit from the Red Ninjas to deliver their invite scroll.
  • Warrior Island Saga 1 season 3 the Fighters travel to Train with the Grand Masters and Coaches on Warrior Island and Compete to become the Ultimate Island Warrior.
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Big Screen Premiere Time Square NYC AMC Empire 25 Nov 11. From Producer James B Jefferson and Executive Producers Dr Robert Goldman, Michelle Wu and Big P the Warrior Island Premiere on the Big Screen at the AMC Empire Theater in Time Square Nov 11th 2023 Warrior Island VIP: Includes All of the UAS General Admission Pass perks plus Preferred Seating for Warrior Island, Special Warrior Island VIP Event Badge and 8.5 x 11 Tri-fold Poster